The world of finance is changing and businesses need to adapt. New and novel financial products and services are speeding business interactions and creating improved customer experience.

In this dynamic environment, one thing remains constant: the need for effective financial crime compliance and fraud prevention.

If you require deep domain expertise in Anti-Money Laundering, Customer Due Diligence, Know Your Customer, Fraud Prevention or Sanctions compliance or are looking for someone to provide solution insights and an independent voice to help support the transformation of your compliance operations, products, and services then get in touch.



Looking for clarity on the benefits of the latest regulatory technologies but cautious to adopt something that’s not fully proven?

Data Analytics

Struggling with perspectives on analytics or the next-big-thing in Artificial Intelligence when your challenge is the problem and not the technology to solve it?


Seeking guidance on what instant payments or Central Bank Digital Currency might mean for compliance in your business?

Product Creation

Product Creation

Need insight, experience, and market understanding to create that new product or validate the next big idea?

Product Marketing

Having difficulty positioning your compliance products and services in a crowded, changing, marketplace?


Precision, Effectiveness, and the Compliance Dilemma

Why a precise system may not be an effective system.


New PSR rules will change the shape of fraud and AML teams

The new PSR rules, announced this week, radically change the liability landscape for firms and will fundamentally change the way they need to structure their fraud and AML compliance processes. With some simplification, let me explain this statement … There’s always two sides to every transaction – a sender and a receiver. Fraud prevention Fraud …


My name is Tony Wicks. I am a RegTech and data analytics pioneer with an impeccable track record of successful creation, delivery, and go-to-market of innovative software products for financial crime prevention and regulatory compliance. I have full product lifecycle experience from market strategy, requirements definition, product build, through to market positioning, sales enablement, services definition, and customer support.

More importantly, I understand how payments operate, the landscape of risk, regulatory expectations, and how the role of compliance needs to change to maintain pace.


Reach me at the links below or by completing this contact form.